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I know you are confused on what to eat with endo!

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve been there. It’s frustrating. It’s confusing. And it seems far too complicated so the motivation to start is already not there. And everyone tells you something different. Do Keto, go FODMAP, do Carnivore, do Paleo, be a Vegan, try fasting. Common! What actually helps? Well, here’s the bad news. There is no ONE diet for all and there is also no Endo diet despite calling it that. What is often recommended and definitely makes a lot of sense especially for women with endo is an anti-inflammatory diet. But sometimes what makes one person have a flare will not cause a flare in the next. This actually has much more to do with the bad bacteria present in your gut than the food itself!

We often chase the right diet approach by cutting out all the reactive foods without realising that if we fixed the gut and the bad bacteria overgrowth, there is no need for such crazy diets. The goal should never be to cut out healthy nutritious foods! Instead heal the gut and digestion!

The diet that is right for you is far less complicated than everything else you’ve heard so far! How? Because it has everything to do with your very own and unique metabolism and that is what we are wanting to support. Grab the guide now and learn where to even begin.

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