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Is your body giving you signs that progesterone production may be lagging? Symptoms like menstrual flooding, mid-cycle spotting, insomnia, anxiety and unexplained weight gain all could point to low levels of this pivotal hormone for rhythmic cycles, restful sleep and steady mood. Read on for seven delicious foods naturally correcting the course back to balance and hormonal bliss.

What This “Other” Sex Hormone Does
You likely know estrogen helps moderate memory, heart health and bone density…but what about progesterone? In the natural menstrual cycle dance, progesterone production surges dramatically after ovulation prompting the uterus to thicken preparing for potential pregnancy.

Beyond cycling, optimal progesterone levels newly regulate blood sugar, temper inflammation, promote thyroid health, stabilize healthy neurotransmitters for good mood and sleep while also keeping testosterone libido-boosting benefits flowing. Let’s nourish all that with diet!

Phyto-What? Understanding Key Compounds
Certain compounds from plants gently bind to hormone receptors exerting similar effects once metabolized. Lignans and phytosterols mimic estrogen and testosterone while triterpenes imitate progesterone promoting better balance. Now let’s explore sources!

#1 Sesame Seeds The Unsung Hero
While flax garners all the superfood glory for women’s health, sesame seeds actually contain compounds called triterpenes promoting progesterone production in the body more powerfully. Sprinkle nutty, delicious sesame seeds onto salads, stir fries and smoothie bowls daily!

#2 Sunflower Seeds: More Than A Ballgame Snack
Similarly, vitamin E and triterpene-rich sunflower seeds counteract estrogen dominance while boosting progesterone when enjoyed regularly. Sunflowers make perfect probiotic coconut yogurt toppers for hormonal benefits with satisfaction!

#3 Load Up On Lentils
The humble lentil boasts amazing satiating protein and energy-promoting iron…but wait there’s more! Lentils contain progesterone-boosting biochanin balancing out estrogen influence which helps stabilize cycles, lifts mood and eases sleep. Lentils lend superpowers!

#4 Time For Green Tea
The repairing perks of antioxidant-packed green tea abound, but for progesterone power check this out: compounds called theaflavins inhibit aromatase expression preventing conversion of hormones like testosterone to estrogen – promoting equilibrium. Sip daily!

#5 Snack On Almonds
Crunchy, satisfying almonds offer beauty and hormonal benefits too due to sterols that block unhealthy testosterone from binding to receptors. This frees up room for helpful progesterone to engage instead. Have a hormone-repairing handful for pick-me-ups!

#6 Add Avocado To Your Day
Creamy avocados provide anti-inflammatory oleic acid helping temper estrogen overload, but the pièce de résistance is beta-sitosterol binding to respective sites slowing production of the trouble-inciting “E” hormone for balance.

#7 Bake With Buckwheat
Think buckwheat is just a gluten-free grain option? Think again! Rutin and quercetin-rich buckwheat balances hormones by promoting favorable estrogen detoxification so progesterone can shine. Enjoy minis as porridge, granola or plant-powered pizza crust!

Supporting healthy progesterone levels doesn’t require risky creams when wisely leveraging healing foods as medicine. Consume a mix of these nuts, seeds, veggies and herbs regularly alongside active stress-busting rituals – vibrant feminine alignment awaits! Still experiencing concerning symptoms hinting at persistent hormone issues despite dietary diligence?

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